Know Your Rights: Should I Sue for Sexual Harassment?

If you’ve experienced any harassment or mistreatment due to your sex, perceived sex, or sexual orientation, you’ve likely been a victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious issue. It causes more damage than simply discomfort in the moment it’s happening. Victims of sexual harassment are at risk of lasting psychological damage. This damage […]

3 Common Signs You Need An Employment Lawyer

If talking to your supervisor doesn’t work and you can’t afford to risk losing your job, where do you turn? Many types of workplace mistreatments violate the law. If they do, you deserve a good employment lawyer to advocate for you. Read on for more about your rights, and a few common signs you might need an employment lawyer.

Know Your Rights: Wrongful Termination Laws in California

I’m going to talk about the “background law,” which is at-will employment in California, as it is in almost every state, and some exceptions to that law including wrongful termination. And then I’m going to go over what you can do if you think you have a case, or if you want to remedy the fact that you might not have a case.

How to Start a Union at Work and Why You Need To

Unions have proven time and time again to be worth it, and the law ensures you can go about forming one without your boss firing you for it. Here’s Kyle Todd with more on the benefits of a union and why it’s safe to form one.

Amidst COVID-19 Crisis, California Hospitals Must Honor Employees’ Workplace Rights

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented health crisis, with healthcare workers being the ones called upon to fight it on the front lines. Public health experts and epidemiologists agree that this is also a crisis which the American health care system is totally ill-suited to take on. For example, even before this crisis, doctor and […]

Pay for Civic Duties in California

California law requires employers to pay employees for taking time off work to perform civic duties such as voting in a statewide election, serving on a jury, and appearing in court to comply with a subpoena or court order.

Employee Bonuses in California

Many workers receive bonuses at work without knowing about the intricacies of the laws around them. There are many rules surrounding bonuses