If you’ve experienced any harassment or mistreatment due to your sex, perceived sex, or sexual orientation, you’ve likely been a victim of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue. It causes more damage than simply discomfort in the moment it’s happening.

Victims of sexual harassment are at risk of lasting psychological damage. This damage can show up in various ways, including depression, anxiety, weight fluctuations, headaches and sleep disorders.

It also causes personal problems in the workplace that reach far beyond the harassment itself. An employee being harassed can be too stress to complete their work, which can lead to further conflicts with supervisors.

In the state of California and nationally, workplace sexual harassment is against the law and your employer could face serious consequences.

Still unsure if you qualify for a sexual harassment case? Let’s explore a current lawsuit our offices are involved in to give you more insight.

An Example of a California Sexual Harassment Case

Hi, this is Kyle Todd with Kyle Todd, PC. And today I want to talk about a case we have against Cunning Dental Group.

We represent two of their former employees who allege that they were sexually harassed by the same manager and then fired when they spoke up about it.

“It took me a long time to admit this, but I am a victim of sexual harassment.”

We allege that their manager, Anaro Garah, started giving unwanted massages, started touching them inappropriately.

He started doing very inappropriate things, comments, touching, feeling.

Multiple times, I would get touched, rubbed, stroked.

“I just kind of just said, ‘I’m going to deal with it for the meantime,’ because I didn’t want to lose my job. The person who was doing it held a position above me, where I felt like I couldn’t say anything.”

And we allege that when our clients spoke up about it, Cunning Dental fired them.

“Because I said something about the situation, about that individual, I am let go.”

Now our two employees were long-time employees who otherwise had stellar reviews before they were fired.

“I was always a really good employee, one of the first ones there, last one to leave.”

We are filing this case because we want justice for my clients. And we want justice for sexual harassment victims everywhere.

Cunning Dental, as the company who holds themselves out in the media, they have radio and TV advertisements in Southern California all the time, they should uphold a private workplace that matches their squeaky-clean, public image. And they certainly shouldn’t punish people by firing them when they speak out against the harassment.

“I’m still going through depression, anxiety. There’s days where I don’t want to get out of bed. I just hope that if you’re going through this situation, say something.”

How to File a Sexual Harassment Case in California

We know the legal system can be hard to navigate, especially when you’re new to it. We want to make sure that doesn’t stop you from getting the help you deserve.

Call our offices for a consultation where we can walk you through the process of filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, and map out what you can expect if you decide to move froward with the case.

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