Rotech Healthcare employee subjected to workplace sexual harassment, lawsuit claims

August 24, 2021

Pasadena, California

Paola Gervassi, a former customer service agent at Rotech Healthcare Inc. (“Rotech”), is claiming that she faced sexual harassment and a hostile work environment during her employment with the company. Rotech is a national provider of personal medical equipment, such as home respirators and oxygen tanks, throughout several locations across the United States.

In her complaint, Gervassi alleges that she was sexually harassed by several of Rotech’s delivery drivers, including defendant Kevon Walker. Gervassi claims that Walker would interrogate her about her sex life, including whether she performed oral sex on her partner. Gervassi alleges that these comments included remarks about her breast size and questions such as whether she was “feeling real horny today.”

Gervassi further alleges that the warehouse manager, also named as a defendant in the lawsuit, engaged in similar behavior by asking her about her bra size and whether she had sex the previous night. Gervassi claims that the warehouse manager offered Gervassi money to dance on a desk or to give him a lap dance in a back room of the warehouse. Gervassi claims that after the warehouse manager quit, she was asked to take warehouse management duties, including overseeing delivery drivers, which caused her to need to interact with delivery drivers more often.

In the lawsuit, Gervassi further alleges that she was encouraged by her own supervisor Jennifer Pomba to perform sexual favors for the company’s drivers to ensure timely deliveries. Gervassi’s complaint alleges that her supervisor encouraged Gervassi to “do what makes [the drivers] happy and things will go smoothly.”

Gervassi further alleges that her complaints about this conduct went nowhere. Gervassi alleges that despite complaining to Rotech’s Regional Manager, Debbie Stroud, regarding the harassment, Stroud simply stated, “I can’t change Jennifer. That’s just how she is.” Consequently, Gervassi alleges that the Rotech did not put an end to the hostile environment or sexual harassment. 

Gervassi is represented by attorney Kyle Todd, Esq. of Kyle Todd, P.C. Requests for comment can be directed to attorney Kyle Todd, at (323) 208-9171.