Pay for Civic Duties in California

California law requires employers to pay employees for taking time off work to perform civic duties such as voting in a statewide election, serving on a jury, and appearing in court to comply with a subpoena or court order.

Employee Bonuses in California

Many workers receive bonuses at work without knowing about the intricacies of the laws around them. There are many rules surrounding bonuses

Prevailing Wages on Public Works Contracts

Privately employed workers who perform work under a public works contract are paid prevailing wages, which is a special kind of minimum wage.

Are Employers Allowed to Drug Test?

It is generally known that most employers will have job applicants or current employees undergo drug tests as a part of the hiring process or during employment.

Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

In 2013, California passed the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, or AB 241, which gives domestic workers categorized as personal attendants the right to receive overtime pay

Reporting Time Pay Requirements in California

Under California law, workers have a right to reporting time pay. This means that regardless of whether a worker is sent home early from their scheduled shift
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