May 27, 2021

A former Patient Services Liaison, represented by employee rights firm Kyle Todd, P.C., and former employee of Southern California Medical Center (“SoCal Medical”) is claiming that she faced severe sexual harassment, including being forced to perform egregious sexual acts, for four years. In her complaint in arbitration filed on April 14, 2021, this individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims she was subjected to this heinous sexual harassment and assault by her former doctor, turned employer, Mohammed Rasekhi (“Rasekhi”).

In the lawsuit, the employee states that Rasekhi sexually harassed and assaulted her for years both in and out of the workplace. Rasekhi inquired into employee’s sexual activities, the case claims, demanded her to touch his genitals in his back office, rubbed and kissed her in his office, and promoted her for defending him in a prior sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a former co-worker.

The most egregious and horrifying act Rasekhi committed included luring this individual to his apartment under the guise of a lunch performance review and proceeding to rape her, the employee claims.  This all occurred, the matter alleges, after this individual had been a patient of Rasekhi’s from age 12 until adulthood when she transitioned to being Rasekhi’s employee.

The aggrieved employee is represented by attorneys Kyle Todd, Esq. of Kyle Todd, P.C. Requests for comment can be directed to Mr. Todd, at (323) 208-9171.

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