Worker Awarded Over 1 Million in Race Harassment Case

Caltrans Maintenance Worker Awarded Over 1 Million Judgment in Race Harassment Case

A Los Angeles jury on Friday awarded $1,000,000 in emotional distress damages to a Caltrans maintenance worker represented by Law Offices of Kyle Todd, who faced a barrage of racial harassment by co-workers, including being called the N-word and having a mock noose hung in front of him.

Caltrans maintenance worker Tracy Scudder began working for Caltrans in 2006, and soon after, his co-workers began belittling him for listening to “jungle music,” shouting orders in his face, and calling him “boy.” In 2009, Caltrans wrote up one worker for using the N-word and for shoving Scudder, but no further discipline occurred, and Caltrans continued to assign Scudder to work alongside the same individuals.

Throughout the years, Scudder complained to multiple supervisors, his union, and even took advantage of Caltrans’ internal Discrimination Complaint Investigation Unit. Still, Scudder continued being assigned to work with his harassers until 2015, when Caltrans finally transferred him to a different work crew. Meanwhile, Scudder’s harassers were promoted during the pendency of the case.

Scudder was represented by Kyle Todd and Maximilian Lee of the Law Offices of Kyle Todd. The jury’s award of $1,000,000 for emotional distress damages will be compounded by attorneys’ fees, in an amount to be decided by the Court. For now, Scudder has received the vindication he has been awaiting for 12 years.


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