If you’ve been treated differently than coworkers due to your age and you’re over 40 years old, you might be experiencing age discrimination. If so, you’re protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA.

Age discrimination laws in California are fairly straightforward. If you have experienced any of the following, you may even have a chance at winning a lawsuit against your current, former or potential employer.

Below is an example of an age discrimination lawsuit we’re handling. See if you relate.

Age Discrimination Lawsuit: Diana Perparos v. California State Lottery Commission

Hi, this is Kyle Todd with Kyle Todd PC and today I want to talk about a case we recently filed in Sacramento superior court for our client, Ms. Diana Perparos.

Ms. Perparos was a long time California Lottery employee. She had glowing reviews year after year, got along with her coworkers and managers.

All that changed when Ms. Perparos started working under the management of Ernesto Medina. Mr. Medina would say cruel things to Ms. Perparos because she’s an older woman. He would say, “When are you going to retire?” And even called her an old bag of bones in front of her coworkers.

 “I was told I couldn’t do my job. I was told I couldn’t read. I missed deadlines. Yet, other departments complimented me on my work. Repeatedly, he asked me when I was going to retire and he was always bullying me.”

And all this bullying and mistreatment and humiliation really took a toll on Ms. Perparos. She found herself with really elevated levels of stress and anxiety at work. She found herself having heart palpitations at work because of Mr. Medina’s mistreatment.

“I was so devastated. I was shaking.”

So Ms. Perparos was brave enough to speak out against this. She went to human resources at California Lottery to speak out against her harassment – and what did they do? They fired her.

“My first reaction was complete disbelief and shock.”

And after being fired, Ms. Perparos has even higher levels of stress.

“I am so depressed. I can’t shake this cloud of depression off. I have no motivation. I have low self-esteem. I really feel worthless.”

We want to hold accountable the California State Lottery as a public entity. As an entity that should be serving the people of California. And so, we filed this case for her to get justice for Ms. Perparos. To get justice for elderly workers facing mistreatment in the workplace everywhere.

What To Do if You’re Being Discriminated Against for Your Age

Everyone has a right to a safe and supportive work environment, regardless of age. If you’re experiencing mistreatment solely due to your age, there are California laws to protect you, and professionals willing to go to bat for you.

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