Who we are


Since its inception, the Law Offices of Kyle Todd has represented individuals and groups facing harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other violations of their workplace and civil rights. Beyond that, our advocacy has been a force for change, showing defendants that there is high cost for violating others’ civil and employment rights in California.

Who we serve


We are a social justice law firm based out of Los Angeles, CA that fights for the rights of employees, whistleblowers, victims of police misconduct, and others. If your employer has discriminated against you, you are being sexually harassed at work, have not been paid all wages owed to you, or suffering from some other unlawful injustice by your employer, call us at (323) 208-9171 for a free initial consultation with a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

You can also contact us if you or a loved one has been a victim of police misconduct, such as by excessive force, wrongful detention, or other violations of your constitutional rights.


We are passionate about helping those who are victims of injustice. Whether it’s systemic or another cause, we would love to hear your story and see how our Law Office can help


Just as much as we want to get to know you, we know you want to learn more about us. That is why we offer free consultations. We are confident in who we are and how we can help those in need.

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If you need to talk to an attorney or are trying to figure whether you should, give us a call.